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Unique sights of Hérémence


Set on the side of Val des Dix at 1230 metres, the picturesque Hérémence hamlets have an unspoilt feel with traditional and modern elements.

Classic chalets, granges and raccard granaries sit alongside the iconic church with its bold design: an architectural masterpiece with contemporary lines and curves. Don't pass by this building without going inside, where you'll find an incredible space and an explanatory sound and light presentation. Enjoy every angle and side with windows looking out onto the surrounding mountains. An amazing — and perhaps surprising — marriage of wood and concrete.

At the bottom of the valley stands the impressive Grande Dixence dam. This colossal construction is a must-see Valais site and has to be one of your top 5 summer discoveries. When it was built, it changed valley life and Hérémence Museum tells the story.

Reflecting 20th-century life, Hérémence can be proud of its rural multi-site museum with a forge, a mill plus a communal oven, an example of traditional housing, a 16th-century press and a host of household items that make up Hérémence's collective memory. The village has also looked after its built heritage with age-old dwellings and the farming district. Stroll through your choice of streets and alleyways to see just how picturesque it is, or rediscover what's right under your nose with Patricia's Walks

. On these rambles, you'll go through a series of hamlets with wooden chalets tanned by the sun: Prolin, Cerise, Riod, Ayer and Mâche. Mâche is a village classed as a Swiss site of national importance and is well worth a visit. Wander along its narrow alleys, following the learning trail.

From Hérémence, to the famous Pyramids of Euseigne, to the Grande Dixence dam, you'll find endless options everywhere for walks and hikes that take in mayen huts and pastures, mountain lakes and lakeside paths. No matter the season, you'll need a few days to really get a feel for the authentic character of Hérémence and the whole Val des Dix.

Our tips: Want to explore Hérémence and Val des Dix from a new angle? Venture off the beaten track and go on a tour with passionate locals: 

Past/present immersion in the heart of old Hérémence village
• Val des Dix photo walk
• Summer evening in the pastures


Unique sights of Hérémence

Unique sights of Hérémence

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