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Summer activities

Breathe in a natural holiday


From spring to autumn, choose a nature holiday in the heart of the authentic Valais in the Swiss Alps. Take advantage of a healthy environment and an unspoilt nature, take a breath of fresh air in a majestic mountain setting, hike, contemplate, vibrate, explore, discover...

Treat yourself to rejuvenating and exotic holidays under the generous Valais sun. Set off on the hiking trails, rest in the freshness of the alpine lakes, take in the sights and experience the micro-adventure at your own rhythm. From contemplation to action, breathe in the natural holiday experience.


Short quiet walks, long treks, trail runs, high altitude huts, climbing races... On foot or by mountain bike, take a thousand paths from the first days of spring until the last breath of autumn. Many paths cover the commune of Hérémence and the Val des Dix, from the bisses to the mountain peaks, passing through traditional villages. Slow travel fans, hike in the 4 seasons and discover our valley. Discover our natural heritage slowly, observe the diversity of the fauna and flora of our territory, enjoy the wide open spaces far from the crowds. Let yourself be inspired by the most beautiful walks in the Val des Dix. If you feel like an adventurer, hike to the mountain huts and spend the night in these high altitude places, closer to the stars. The Val des Dix has several huts accessible to all levels of hikers. Micro-adventure for all !
The Tour of Val d'Hérens offers you a mythical stage passing the Grande Dixence dam. There is also a wide range of thematic trails and walks that can be organised by our local guides. Céline from Alpes Altitude takes you on guided walks to discover the fauna, flora, heritage and traditions.

the alpine landscapes

Exceptional natural treasures, the most famous of them being the pyramids of Euseigne. You can admire these strange shapes from the road. You don't need to be a skilled hiker to admire these magnificent landscapes. The wilderness is easily accessible to everyone. Sit on a bench, contemplate, listen to the silence and admire the panorama without sweating. Download our app and let us share with you our favourite places to enjoy the most beautiful views.
  • In Hérémence : a window on the valley with the royal duo Dent Blanche and Cervin
  • In Riod: an open view of the Val des Dix with the Grande Dixence dam in the background
  • At Euseigne : a view of the famous Euseigne pyramids and the mysterious Borgne valley
  • At the Mandelon mountain pasture : panorama of the peaks and glaciers
  • On the road from Vex to Euseign e: the best spot to photograph the symbols of the Val d'Hérens, the pyramids of Euseigne with the Dent Blanche in the background.


La gouille de Vendes, an unusual gouille where the Dent blanche and the Matterhorn are reflected in its waters. From the Mandelon mountain pasture, a hiking trail takes you there in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Take the Alpine shuttle bus and hike freely.
The Essertze gullies, a series of small lakes with a wild character and a breathtaking panoramic view. A popular spot for a family picnic. When hiking in Essertze, make a stop at the Essertze hut.
These small alpine lakes are some of the most beautiful walks in the Val des Dix. Elsewhere in the Val d'Hérens, you will find the unmissable Lac Bleu d'Arolla and Lac d'Arbey in Evolène.


In the past, mayens were used for the transhumance of cattle. All over the Val des Dix, there are still many mayens that have been transformed and renovated into summer resorts. Havens of peace which have kept the bucolic charm of the past and which can be discovered on the way to the mountain pastures: Novelli, Méribé, Mandelon, Orchera, Esssertze. Names that evoke the agro-pastoral life of yesterday and today with the meeting of our Herens cows and alpine know-how. Among the beautiful hikes to the mountain pastures, several itineraries are proposed to you : 
  • From Pralong to Novelli with a view of the dam wall
  • From the Dixence road to Méribé
  • Loop route Pralong - Novelli - Méribé - Pralong
  • From Pralong to Orchera
  • Pralong - Dixence by bus - Dixence - Orchera - Essertze - return to Pralong via the couta 


These irrigation canals on the slopes of hills and mountains have been a symbol of Valaisan heritage since immemorial time. In the Val des Dix, the bisses of Erneya and Euseigne bring fertility to the right bank of the Dixence while the bisse of Hérémence runs along the left bank. In Euseigne, the Fan bisse dating from 1825 stretches as far as Vex. Today, these bisses are easy walks with vestiges of the past.  



From the glaciers to the Rhône, water, the source of life, is omnipresent. This route is illustrated by a path along the water from Grande Dixence to Hérémence, crossing a variety of landscapes. A great idea for a walk in spring and autumn.

They visited us and give you the story of their 100% natural adventures. 

Céline, family gateway
Eric, hiker and photographer 
Pauline,  van trip
Maxime, belgian trekker 
Chris, trekker et traileur


Breathe in a natural holiday

Breathe in a natural holiday