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7 ideas to experience micro-adventure in the Val des Dix


You don't have to go far to experience the adventure, it often starts just a stone's throw from home! Re-enchant your weekends and your stays with our 7 micro-adventure ideas for living in the Val des Dix.

Hiking at sunrise on the crests
Set off at dawn and admire the first light of day on the ridge paths. Imagine the sun rising over the Gouilles d'Essertze. 
The little extra: prolong the pleasure with a breakfast at the Essertze hut.

Listening to the deer's bellow in autumn 
Immerse yourself in a wild and mysterious amotsphere and vibrate to the sound of the deer's bellow.  Book your "Brame du Cerf" experience with a guide.

Observing the starry sky on a summer evening in the mountain pasture
It is said that the most beautiful starry skies can be seen at the bottom of the Val des Dix. 

Camping at the foot of the Grande Dixence dam 
Set up your tent at Camping de Pralong, a wildly atypical place to camp on the banks of the Dixence River and at the foot of the concrete giant. 

Take a winter walk in the moonlight 
Every winter, put on your snowshoes and plunge into the magical world of a moonlit hike. You will love these simple moments of happiness. 
The little extra: Continue the evening with a fondue at the Auberge du Val des Dix.

Cycling off the beaten track on an e-bike
Discover the villages and hamlets of the Val des Dix and enjoy new sensations of freedom thanks to the electric bike. 

Set off to gather wild plants for an unusual aperitif. 
Wander through the meadows of our mountains, collect edible wild plants and enjoy an aperitif with an inimitable taste. 
Let yourself be guided by a mountain guide and don't forget to share with us, your most beautiful micro-adventure experiences with the hashtag #FanduValdesDix.

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7 ideas to experience micro-adventure in the Val des Dix

7 ideas to experience micro-adventure in the Val des Dix

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