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5 randonnées estivales pour toute la famille

The Hérémence area is an integral part of the Val d'Hérens and extends over nearly 40 km in the high-altitude hills. The river Dixence crosses it and extends right up to the foot of Mont Blanc de Cheilon at 3,870 m. It ends at the bottom of Dix Lake, formed by the Grande-Dixence dam and is called Val des Dix in its upper part. A vast playing field for hiking during all 4 seasons.

From spring to autumn
    Along the water from Hérémence to Mâche via the bridges
    A tour of villages and pastures
    The waterfalls and mountain streams on the Sentier de la Planie
    The "Pyramides d’Euseigne" rock formations at the Bisse d’Euseigne
    Tour des bisses

 In summer, climb higher!
    The Val des Dix refuges
    The “Sentier des Bouquetins” (trail)
    The “Sentier du Lac des Dix” (trail)
    From Grande Dixence to Praperrot via the mountain pastures
    Les Gouilles d’Essertze (ponds)
    From Novelli to Méribé: a tour of the mountain pastures
    From Mandelon pasture to Vendes
    Col de la Meina circuit, departing from Pralong
    From the Grande Dixence to the Rhône along the water

  They visited us and shared their treks and hikes
    Céline, family getaways
    Eric, hiker and photographer
    Pauline, voyage in a van
    Maxime, Belgian trekker
    Chris, trekker and trail runner
    Benoit & Fabienne, a tour of the villages


5 randonnées estivales pour toute la famille

5 randonnées estivales pour toute la famille

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