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Randonnée pédestre

Water trail

The 30 km long water trail can be covered in one or more stages.
This signposted route makes you aware of how omnipresent water is in our lives. The hiker can admire the gorges and at the same time marvel at the man-made bridges, mills, wells and suonen.
A symbol on the trail points out explanations that you can read in the water trail brochure available at the Hérémence tourist office.

Find the hiking, trail and ski/snowshoe routes on Alpes Trail Val d'Hérens and download the mobile app.

We also have a brochure explaining the route, which you can get at the various tourist offices. 
You will pass by the mill and the ban furnace of Hérémence. They bear witness to the ancient mastery of water power.

Technical information

  • Difficulty 4


Water trail

Water trail
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