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The Museum of Hérémence


Located in the basement of the Burgher house dating from 1584, the artisanal museum was arranged by themes in 1988. The visit begins with agricultural activities such as hemp work, haymaking or cereal farming. In the old courtroom, discover various religious objects from the ancient church recalling the secular importance of these practices in the Alps. The mechanism of the clock, dating back to the eighteenth century, commands respect.

A trip to the mayen is then proposed, and on to the alpine meadow with a renovated chalet housing everything necessary for the production of cheeses, seracs and butter, including an impressive boiler. Carpentry, joinery and metalwork sit alongside the school of yesteryear, the evolution of which will surprise you. Finally, a detour to the old prison will remind you of the main purpose of this judicial building, while introducing you to the weapons and uniforms of the soldiers of days gone by. 



The Museum of Hérémence

The Museum of Hérémence

+41 027 281 15 33


Chemin Neuf 2
1987 Hérémence

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GPS coordinates :
46.17979697881154, 7.40506303303846

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