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The Forge of Hérémence


The forge is one of several buildings at the heart of the village of Hérémence. Practically unchanged, the building holds historical architectural interest, but is also of social interest, since it bears witness to the necessarily varied activities of the mountain people prior to industrialisation, which was particularly rapid in this valley.

The base of the building certainly dates back to the sixteenth century. Nearly 300 years after its founding, the forge of Hérémence is creating renewed interest. Although this kind of craftsmanship died out with the arrival of the large dams, its significance endures. The forge remains communal. It is no longer used to shoe mules or make tools, but has become a part of the region’s heritage.



The Forge of Hérémence

The Forge of Hérémence

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Rue de l'église
1987 Hérémence

Location / Access

GPS coordinates :
46.180078427590594, 7.404879726505214

Parking place partially wheelchair-accessible Parking place partially wheelchair-accessible
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