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The 8 chapels of the Val des Dix



Chapel of Saint Quentin : At the entrance to the village of Héremence, it was built in 1743, on the feast of Holy Mary's seven joys. The inhabitants of Héremence had asked Saint Quentin for protection against foreigners and protection for the villagers who had to emigrate.
Chapel of Prolin : Dating from 1851, it is dedicated to Saint-Antoine, second patron, saint of the parish of Hérémence, protector of domestic animals. It was offered to the people of Prolin by the parish priest Antoine Sierro.
Chapel of Ayer : From 1779, it is built on a cellar and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
Chapel of Mâche : it is dedicated to Saint Barbara, protector against lightning and avalanches. Inside, you can admire a fresco by Charles Menge representing the life of Saint Barbara and the misdeeds against which she protects the village and its inhabitants.
Chapel of Riod : Dating from 1633 and blessed in 1976, it is dedicated to Saint Sebastian. This oratory was built by the inhabitants of the village in gratitude for having been spared from the plague epidemic that devastated a large part of Europe between 1624 and 1630. 3 works by the Deserter can be found inside the chapel.
Chapel of Pralong : Dating from 1929, it is dedicated to Saint Barthelemy, protector against wolves and bears, but also to the shepherds who used to gather every year on the 24th of August, the day of his feast, to ask for his protection by bringing products from the mountain pastures. Every Thursday of the Ascension, mass is celebrated there.
The Charger's Chapel : inaugurated on the 24th June 1931, it is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist and was built by the engineer Jean Landry, director of Dixence SA during the construction of the 1st Dixence. The masses were held in this chapel during the construction of the Grande-Dixence by the Capuchin fathers of Sion.
Chapel of Euseigne : it is dedicated to Saint George. It was on the 23rd of April 1923, Saint George's day, and the village's patronal feast day, that the villagers decided on its current location.


The 8 chapels of the Val des Dix

The 8 chapels of the Val des Dix

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