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Nordic inspiration


Pralong Nordic skiing area: perfect for lovers of rugged beauty

Nestled in an intimate setting, Pralong is one of the lesser-known Nordic skiing areas. And yet, lovers of cross-country skiing are sure to be captivated by this vast, snow-covered plateau, the rugged beauty of the landscape, the ambient calm, and the picturesque charm of the trail between chalets, forests and the river. Landscapes are preserved amid breath-taking natural surroundings, while its location at the bottom of the valley lends itself wonderfully to cross-country skiing in excellent snow conditions.

The Nordic skiing area is perfectly maintained with trails for beginners and skating runs for cross-country skiers with high expectations. The trail is designed around the hamlet of Pralong and overlooks the Grande Dixence Dam. It’s a 6km-long, fairly flat ride. Follow the trail along the edges of snow-capped fir and larch forests, or along the Dixence river to experience Nordic pleasures...

Pralong: a taste of Lapland just 25 minutes from Sion. The road leading to Pralong is perfectly maintained and free of snow. Parking is free. Day passes and season passes can be bought at Val des Dix hotel-restaurant.



Nordic inspiration

Nordic inspiration

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