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3 - The Bisses of Hérémence


Bisse d'Hérémence
The Bisse d'Hérémence was built around 1670 and is currently disused, but its course can be seen throughout.
Access: at Praperrot, take the path and then successively the forest road or the edge of the bisse which via Artseno, Riod, Les Masses, the mayen des Gardes and crosses the road to Les Mayens de Sion.

Bisse de Fan
The Bisse de Fan took its water from the Dixence river, from the Prolin torrent (upstream of the Sauterot) and ran along the hillside as far as the plains of Vex.
Access: At the Vex-Les Prasses junction, just under the road, is the bisse.  It is no longer in use but its route is pleasant. The bisse de Fan runs parallel to the main road. At Fan, before the big Sauterot bend, leave the bisse and go down the road to follow it towards Euseigne, passing under the famous pyramids (fairy chimneys).

Bisse d'Euseigne
The Bisse d'Euseigne was taking its water on the right bank of the Dixence. In 1963, following a landslide, the inlet was modified. A pipe runs on the left bank and crosses the river in a siphon a little lower down. The bisse is still active, but partially channelled in pipes.
Access: From Mâche, go down towards the river, cross the Tsaumette bridge, and follow the signposted bisse. From La Crêta, a path takes you back to Euseigne.

Bisse de l'Ernaya
Taking its water at 1595 m at Leteygeon, on the right bank of the Dixence, this 16th century weir is now abandoned. However, it can be travelled for 7 km and ends at Vouarmattat (1451 m) above La Luette.
Access: From Leteygeon, postal stop, take the road to Mandelon/Euseigne and you will quickly find the signposting on the left. Follow the route of the old bisse, often in the forest, which goes around the crest of the Sex Pey. From there, you will reach La Luette by marked paths for the post bus.


3 - The Bisses of Hérémence

3 - The Bisses of Hérémence

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