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Randonnée pédestre

The Pyramids trail



uqPyramids Path

Trail closed until 2023

Walk close to the fabulous Pyramids of Euseigne. Going up the Val d'Hérens you can't miss them as the road passes through. 
There is a parking lot at the start of the trail and a refreshment stand a few meters from the Pyramids. Everything is there to make this short walk of about 20 minutes very pleasant.
This path takes you back to the ice age and the work of erosion in the Alps which gave birth to the famous pyramids of Euseigne. Following the path, you will discover the enchantment of these slender colossi shaped by nature. Further on, don't miss the village of Euseigne which was ravaged by fire in 1917 and which has benefited from a different urbanization from the other Valaisans villages.
Going up the village to the place called "Plan de la Croix", a magnificent panoramic view on the valley will be offered to you. On the way down, you will see a splendid "raccard", typical of the Val d'Hérens. The walk ends with a view of the pyramids before returning to the starting point.
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Technical information

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Duration 0h30min


The Pyramids trail

Hérémence Tourisme

Location / Access

GPS coordinates :
46.173293866843125, 7.417697919568354

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