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The essentials of your winter

15 / 12 / 2021

What to see, what to do in winter in Hérémence Val des Dix

Your winter essential If you like the Val des Dix in summer with the beautiful landscapes and the charming, traditional villages, you are going to love winter in the Val des Dix. Escape the urban gloominess and get some winter air under the sun in the Valais. Snow-covered peaks, large immaculate white spaces, pure air and sunshine, activities or relaxing by the fireside; a holiday to the mountains guarantees an enchanting change of scenery.

Your winter essential in Val des Dix: what to see and do?

A better view on skis 17 minutes from Sion, the Valais capital Hérémence and Les Masses Resort open onto the largest ski resort in Switzerland: Les 4 Vallées and its 450km of slopes. Park your car in the free parking at Les Masses, settle comfortably into the chairlift and in a few minutes, you will find yourself at the heart of the resort, ready to ski. The slopes are secure, well-maintained and suitable for all skiers, from beginners to the more experienced. Mélanie and Loïc Meillard, two names which are well-known in the world of downhill skiing, moved to our village 10 years ago to completely dedicate themselves to skiing. Our best ambassadors will lead you!

A touch of Lapland in Pralong!

There is a small hint of Lapland in Pralong, a village at the foot of the Grande Dixence Dam. Nordic skiing, winter walks and snowshoe trekking, put some charm back into your winter in this little white paradise. Breathe in the fresh alpine air, recharge your batteries on the vast, snowy landscape and don’t leave without stopping off in one of our traditional mountain inns. You don’t need to go to Scandinavia to experience the magic of winter, it’s right here in the Val des Dix.

Following animal tracks

This winter, the animal tracking trail has set up in the Val des Dix. After Saint-Martin, Thyon and Evolène, this moving trail has returned and offers a magnificent winter walk on the trail of wild animals. This educational trail, accompanied by 16 signs, explains how to recognise the prints left in the snow by wild animals.
An adventure in the depths of winter, a Sherlock Holmes investigation and an experience in tracking to introduce you to wildlife. A 4km round trip will lead you to the Novelli chottes (chalets) with an incredible view of the Grande Dixence Dam.

Mountain pasture in winter

Have you seen the Mandelon mountain pasture in summer? Rediscover it under a blanket of snow. In winter, its wild side comes out. An atmosphere of tranquillity prevails. The only way to access it is on foot or via a snowshoe trek. It’s a two-hour hike to reach paradise. When the weather is nice, Alexandre and his team open up the cafe every weekend. Just imagine, a terrace bathed in sun at an altitude of 2066 metres, a panorama of snow-covered peaks and a nice bowl of soup to heat yourself up…there’s no question; happiness can be found on the mountain pasture.

The “ladies with hairdos” (in the snow)

They are called the fairy chimneys, the “ladies with hairdos” or hoodoos. You can’t miss them; the road runs underneath them. They are a natural anomaly that you should visit time and time again in all 4 seasons. It is the place where you should take photos from every angle during each visit. Sometimes mysterious or bucolic, they have a strong character and offer a unique atmosphere throughout the seasons. Sooner or later, they will lose their protective stone hats and will eventually disappear. With their snow caps, they offer a new perspective. They are the pyramids of Euseigne.

Hérémence, a village mixing tradition and modernity

Hérémence, in the heart of Val des Dix at an altitude of 1230 metres, takes pride in its protected charm and wild natural environment, where traditional heritage and modern-day boldness coexist. Take the time to stroll around the centre of Hérémence to discover its heritage, traditional housing and experience this unique village atmosphere combining tradition and modernity. Admire the chalets and raccards(traditional granaries) with facades browned by the sun, discover its history by visiting the multi-site museum with a veteran, marvel at the brilliant architecture of its iconic church, look at the street-art fresco and appreciate the unexpected riches on offer. Top tip: to see Hérémence from a difference perspective, be accompanied by a resident. In winter, we play ice stocks (petanque on ice), at the Hérémence skating rink. It’s a fun and quirky activity you can do while spending time with family and friends.

Traditional villages

Hérémence and its picturesque villages undoubtedly deserve to be amongst the most beautiful villages in Switzerland. Euseigne, Mâche, Prolin, Cerise, Ayer, Riod: so many villages and hamlets which offer a rich built heritage. If you like “authenticity”, you will love the preserved charm of our Alpine villages where time seems to stand still. Take your time, stroll around the streets and alleys of our hamlets, wander in the village centres, experience this way of life and discover the true nature of our villages. A winter walk will lead you from Hérémence to Prolin. This tiny village has a small café-restaurant, a unique place where it is worth stopping off to have a cup of tea and try Helen’s cupcakes. The small café-restaurant Velazet is located in an old, renovated stable. There are around 20 seats available in a cosy atmosphere and there is a charming terrace where you can admire the view of the valley. Another detour: Mâche is of national importance, and it is absolutely worth going for a long walk, thanks to its educational trail. On entering the village, you will find an explanatory brochure. Follow this educational trail, discover every detail and you will become an expert on the built heritage of Mâche.

Patricia’s walks

Patricia is a passionate resident who loves Val d’Hérens. She is a blogger and an ambassador for the region. She will get you involved and will tell you about the valley, her adopted home, during her discovery walks. This winter, join her for:
• An immersion into the past and present: explore Hérémence from a different perspective. She will take you for a stroll around the village with its hidden spots. It’s an immersion into tradition and modernity, accompanied by anecdotes from Patricia. • A winter evening under the starry sky: put on your snowshoes and head off on an introductory walk under the starry sky in the heart of Val des Dix. It’s a magical moment.
Nature, culture or adventure, all of winter’s pleasures can be found here within easy reach, suitable for everyone, so that you can enjoy the beautiful winter getaway to the mountains.


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