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The 5 must-sees in the Val des Dix

Summer discoveries in Hérémence: the top 5 places to visit

1 – Visit the Grande Dixence dam. It's worth spending a whole day at this amazing site. As well as being a must-see destination, it's a big part of the region's history. Head deep into this concrete giant, explore the visitors' centre, see and hear from people who contributed to the colossal dam construction project, take photos of the little chapel at the bottom, stop off at the "Ritz", and take a gondola ride to enjoy the stunning views from the imposing wall. Walk along the lake to the Barmaz Hut, learn to spot marmots...and more! A perfect day at Grande Dixence. Johanna tells us about her family walk[ClR1].

2 – Hérémence Church: People like it, love it, adore it, or hate it. One thing's for sure: you'll definitely have a response. Don't be intimidated by this imposing block of concrete: head on in and experience a whole new world. Once inside, enjoy an architectural masterpiece. Anyone who goes in finds they love it! Alexandra gives us her poetic thoughts.

3 – The Pyramids of Euseigne: With the road going right underneath, you can't miss these pyramids known as fairy chimneys, "young ladies with fancy hair", or hoodoos. This natural phenomenon is worth visiting again and again during the year. It can seem mysterious or bucolic at times, but is always full of character and unique no matter the season. One day, the pyramids will lose their protective stone caps and disappear. Whenever you visit, make sure to take photos of the site from every angle.

4 – Traditional villages: Hérémence's picturesque villages must be among the most beautiful in Switzerland. Euseigne, Mâche, Prolin, Cerise, Ayer and Riod are all villages and hamlets with a rich built heritage. If you love authenticity, then you'll enjoy our unspoilt alpine villages where time seems to have stood still. Take your time, wander along our hamlets' streets and alleyways, stroll through village centres and experience their way of life. This is a great place to live!

5 – Mayens and pastures: In times past, mayen huts were used when moving livestock to their summer pastures. Many mayens at the bottom of Val des Dix valley have now been renovated and transformed into summer holiday accommodation. These peaceful huts still have the bucolic charm of old, which passing walkers can enjoy before heading into nearby pastures: Novelli, Méribé, Mandelon, Orchera and Esssertze. These names call to mind the agropastoral life of the past and present where our Hérens cattle and alpine know-how come together. Happiness is definitely being in the pastures!
New for summer 2021: the Pastures Shuttle


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