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Winter Olympics


10:30 - 12:00

Do you know the Leteygon sliding area? This place is well known by the inhabitants, as it is the factory of their first slides memories.
What if you also came to experience joyful moments with your family, sharing sliding activities in a friendly and playful spirit? Our "winter mini-olympics" are waiting for you. Try out our games, have fun and create your winter memories as a family. Join us at the Leteygeon ski lift and try to win the Olympics!
Two junior teams will compete against each other in a fun atmosphere with several snow activities (snowtubing, snowball throwing, tic tac toe drawn on the snow).
From 6 years old
Price CHF 10.00
Registration at Hérémence Tourism the day before
On presentation of the Hérémence Hostcard: buy 1= get 1 free


Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics
Hérémence Tourisme

+41 281 15 33


Téléski de Leteygeon
1987 Hérémence

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