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The mountain pasture in Mandelon


A mountain pasture to discover all year long

As May arrives with the spring warmth, the snow disappears and gives way to the flowering of a gentian carpet. The larches are in bloom, marmots come out of their wintering and enjoy the ambient calm before the arrival of Herens cows in summer.

Mid-June, the herd of about a hundred Hérens cows arrives for the summer, cohabiting with the refreshment bar and alpine hut. Easily accessible by a beautiful asphalt road, Mandelon is a popular place for lovers of nature and gastronomy. It is also here that the mountain pastures shuttle leads you every Tuesday during summer.  In autumn, you can hear stags crying in the night. The forest of larches adorns with gold before giving way to the winter in a padded decor.


The mountain pasture in Mandelon

The mountain pasture in Mandelon

1987 Heremence

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GPS coordinates :
46.131286294934064, 7.411582566833483