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Summer activities

Fauna and Flora in the Val des Dix


The Val des Dix reveals beautiful riches for lovers of mountain flora and wildlife enthusiasts. The Val des Dix is an immense natural area dotted with lakes, glaciers and mountain pastures that are home to the flora and fauna of the Alps. Blue gentians, rhododendrons, martagon lilies, wild orchids, alpine aster, edelweiss and other varieties dress the alpine landscape. A world of wild flowers.

During your hikes, take the time to admire the surrounding nature, open your eyes, listen to the whistling of the marmots. Remain silent and perhaps you will be lucky enough to see an ibex, a chamois, a deer... wildlife is omnipresent in the valley. Bring a pair of binoculars and learn to contemplate the signs of nature. It is a long apprenticeship, made of patience and silence, to be able to observe the wildlife.
You can also discover the fauna and flora of our region with our guided outings. Let yourself be guided by the mountain guides, they know the mountains and show you the invisible.
This summer, Céline, a mid-mountain guide, will take you on guided hikes in the mountains while Patricia, a Val d'Hérens lover, offers Summer Evening to share a convivial moment in the mountain pastures: the paradise of marmots and deer at the last light of day. In the autumn, you can also book your outing with our guides and enjoy a nature evening listening to the roar of the deer.


1. The natural sites you will visit are not always equipped with waste bins or toilets. Don't forget to take your rubbish with you!

2. Keep an eye on your pets and make sure you collect all their excrement, including in the wild. Many diseases can be transmitted to wildlife or farm animals through this process.

3. In order not to disturb the local fauna and flora, please stay on the paths (one behind the other so as not to widen the passages), respect the peace and quiet of the area and keep your distance from the various wild animals.

4. In order to respect the work of the local farmers, please do not walk in the tall grass. In order not to disturb the herds, do not feed the animals and make sure to close the doors of the parks you are crossing.

5. I respect the signs and regulations in force, in particular the prohibition of access to the mayens and mountain pastures by vehicles without special authorisations (riverside access authorised), the prohibition of camping outside dedicated areas, respect for protected flora and respect for areas where vehicle parking is authorised. All guardians of nature.

Participating in the sustainable development of the region

By encouraging local exchanges, favouring short circuits by going to meet local producers and small businesses.
By getting around as much as possible by public transport, carpooling or by using soft mobility, walking, mountain biking, etc.
By meeting, sharing and discussing with local residents and other visitors. By respecting customs, lifestyles, nature, those who live there and all those who discover them.


Fauna and Flora in the Val des Dix

Fauna and Flora in the Val des Dix

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