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Dive into the heart of History


7 unmissable sites for an immersion into Heritage & Culture

If you love heritage and culture, then you'll enjoy the authentic and unspoilt feel of Hérémence and the surrounding villages. A place of culture and tradition, Hérémence has a rich built heritage and fantastic cultural sites reflecting village life in the past.

1 - Stroll around central Hérémence to see traditional buildings and experience its unique village feel with traditional and modern elements. Wander along streets and alleyways to get a feel for just how picturesque it is with its raccard granaries, granges and wooden chalets tanned by the sun. Discover the village in a new way with Patricia.

2 - Taking centre stage in the village centre, there's one building you can't miss: the iconic St Nicholas Church. Villagers are very proud of this unusual but impressive building. Head inside to enjoy the bold lines and curves of this architectural masterpiece.  A sound and light presentation explains what makes the church unique. This is a must-see building which will definitely provoke a response.

3 - The multi-site Hérémence Museum is set up as a discovery trail with a rural museum, a forge, a mill with a communal oven, a press, an example of traditional housing and a host of household items. Over 3,000 objects are on display. This is more than just a museum: it's a piece of history exploring 20th-century village life as explained by our local guides.

4 - Artist Jasm One has painted a piece of street art in the village centre. This artistic expression of the village's combined traditional and modern identity beautifully symbolises the idea of handing things down from one generation to the next. Enjoy the artwork from the Place de la Laiterie square with its unique wood and concrete surroundings. Here, you'll find street art alongside traditional chalets and a concrete church... Héremence will surprise you!

5 - Hérémence is made up of a few villages and hamlets: traditional dwellings that must be among the most beautiful in Switzerland, such as Euseigne, Mâche, Prolin, Cerise, Ayer and Riod. Many picturesque places where time seems to have stopped. Wander around the village centres and experience their way of life at your leisure. Opt for soft mobility and tour the villages on foot or by bike.

6 - Mâche is classed as a Swiss site of national importance and is well worth a visit with its educational trail. As you enter the village, you'll find an information brochure. Follow the educational trail, take in all the details, and you'll soon become an expert in the village's built heritage.

7 - Every village has its chapel: St Quentin for Hérémence, Euseigne, Ayer, Prolin and Riod with elements by famous painter Charles-Frédéric Brun inside, St Barbara in Mâche with its Charles Menge fresco, St Bartholomew in Pralong with the Grande Dixence dam as a backdrop, and St John, built when the first Dixence dam was being constructed in 1931. During your travels, don't miss a tour of the 8 chapels.
Local people are proud of having managed to look after these heritage buildings and enjoy talking about their village. Follow in their footsteps and plunge into the heart of our history.

    We must be proud to have inherited all that the past had which was better and nobler. We must not sully our heritage by reproducing past mistakes. (Gandhi)
Participate in the memory and safeguarding of the region’s heritage and support Patrimoine Hérémence with your donations and contributions.


Dive into the heart of History

Dive into the heart of History

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